When most people think about pressure washing, they think that the pressure is the only thing that matters. The higher the pressure, the more dirt and grime you’ll be removing. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case, and a lot of people find out the hard way that they’re doing almost as much harm as good. So, how do you know how much pressure to use when it comes time to clean your residential, commercial, or industrial building? You call the experts at Wash TN!

The fact is that most houses can be best served by being cleaned with a low pressure cleaning process. Have you ever seen a deck that’s been pressure washed and it now looks as if it’s covered in peach fuzz? That means it was cleaned with too much pressure, and the wood has actually been damaged. The only way to fix it, unfortunately, is to sand it down, and that just means more work for you. This is why our clients all over the East Tennessee area trust us to clean their homes and businesses for them.

Even the four walls of your house can require different pressure cleaning. Depending on which direction they face, they will get more or less sun, as well as other elements. And the location and proximity of any trees can have an even bigger effect on how they should be cleaned. We will take all of this into account and be sure that every surface is cleaned perfectly, without using a tougher process than needed.

That even includes the bio-degradable cleaning products we use. We will avoid applying any of those harsh and caustic chemicals unless absolutely necessary. We have found that using hot water prevents the need for most of these. This keeps your house and yard in the best shape possible. Give us a call now to learn about our discounts! 
Power washing has become a lot more common in recent years, but most people will buy a pressure washer, use it once or twice, and forget it somewhere in the garage. The fact is that owning your own washer seems easy and convenient, but after a couple of uses you’ll probably realize that it is neither. It never seems to get anything as clean as you thought, and it can be a real pain to keep filling it over and over while trying to get through the job.

At Wash TN, we solve all of those power washing problems for you. We are able to haul over 500 gallons of water at a time if needed. We also use two 4000 psi hot water units so we have more pressure and heat than any home unit could ever produce. That means that we can clean in a way your forgotten garage cleaner never could.

But pressure and heat isn’t the most important thing we’ll be using to clean your concrete or deck. Our years of experience in knowing exactly how much pressure to use is why individuals and businesses from Kingsport, Johnson City, Bristol, & Knoxville area keep coming back. Most decks will actually look fuzzy due to damage after a high pressure cleaning, and they’ll need to be sanded down to fix it. With a low pressure cleaning, you’ll save all of that extra time and effort, and be enjoying your yard before you know it.

Power washing is only one of the services we offer, but we treat every job as a unique opportunity to prove that customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Give us a call today to ask about our military discounts!
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